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Welcome ~ greetings of love to you.

I am here to hold space and support you as you journey through life after birth, whether you are newly postpartum or even years into your healing journey.

My prayer is for you to feel well, whole and centered.

It is an honor to be of service to you!

Womb Wellness

I offer Herbal Womb Steaming guidance that can help to heal, cleanse and tone your womb. This is perfect for you if you want to use Steaming as a method of soothing your vaginal skin and tissues and cleansing lochia from your uterus after giving birth, or if you are interested in supporting your womb in having smooth and pain-free periods. Steaming is an incredible practice that has served our ancestors and that will honor you as well!

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It is common these days for us to feel drained, weak and overwhelmed in the weeks, months and even years after birthing our babies. I believe that rejuvenation and restoration is available to us, especially through herbal traditions.

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Herbal Self-Care

As mothers it is so easy to feel un-grounded and overwhelmed as we tend to the needs of our babies and children, while living through such busy and overstimulating modern times.

Netflix as our self-care won't cut it. We need nourishing practices that we can do for ourselves during our little moments of down time that will help us to feel deeply replenished. I take from my education in Ayurveda and share rejuvenating herbal self care practices with you that will help you feel energized and centered. 


The food and eating habits that are commonly consumed these days are usually not nourishing to the female body.

Cold sandwiches, skipping meals, food that weighs on our digestive system, poor-quality foods, etc are leaving us feeling so weak and brain-fogged. 

You CAN experience how good it feels to be nourished by the food that you are eating! I will help you along the way.

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