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Our Postpartum Tea was lovingly formulated by father-daughter-herbalist team, Salih and Sabrina, to help support women in their healing process after birth!


The tea is made from a combination of organic herbs:










The herbs are powdered and mixed into raw, local Wisconsin, honey.

Take 1 teaspoon of the herbal honey paste and mix into a mug of hot water - and you have yourself an instant cup of healing tea!

4oz container.


This combination of herbs and honey create a paste full of nourishment!


Enjoy this tea throughout the day, everyday, for at least 40 days after birth.


This is also a lovely tea to drink before pregnancy and anytime postpartum, even years after you've given birth!


We see the postpartum phase in a woman's life as one of the most sacred and special transitions and we hope that our tea will support you during this very special time!


With love,Sabrina and Salih

Organic Postpartum Herbal Tea

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