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NOURISH: a gentle and nourishing bled dedicated to women who experience heavy periods, anemia, uterine fatigue, and who has a menstrual cycle of 27 days or shorter


Ingredients: Yarrow, Calendula, Nettle, Lavender, Rose, Spearmint, Astragalus, and Red Raspberry


💛Each container includes organic herbs for 15+ steam sessions (1-2 tablespoons per steam session). This comes down to less than $2.35 per session!💛


Please do not steam if you may be pregnant, if you are currently on your period, or if you are experiencing an infection.


For more information or to schedule a women's health consultation, please visit

NOURISH: Organic Womb Steamin Herbal Blend | Heavy Periods, Anemia, Short Cycles

  • No returns on Vaginal Steam supplies

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