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I made this balm for you after experiencing the power of Frankincense after I birthed my second child in 2020. I was feeling so ungrounded and airy, like my energy was scattered and I was eagerly searching for something to help me feel grounded and relaxed. After asking around, someone suggested that I apply Frankincense to the soles of my feet...

I already loved Frankincense and had used it throughout labor. It felt like a familiar friend who comforted me through such a challenging time - I was so excited to try it on my feet! After my first try, I fell in love.

This practice of applying Frankincense to the soles of my feet quickly became of of my favorite daily postpartum rituals. It helped me to feel so soothed and grounded, and I want that joy for you too!

This balm is handcrafted by myself and involves a special process of steeping Frankincense resin and Lavender flowers in Organic Olive Oil. I then strain the resin and flowers out of the oil and combine then combine that with beeswax from my family's bee hives.

To say that this is a balm of love is an understatement!

May this balm honor your postpartum body and may the scent uplift your spirit as you embark on your journey of postpartum recovery!

With love,


-2oz jar

-Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil infused with Organic Frankinsence Resin and Organic Lavender Flowers, and Organic Beeswax

-Can be used by anyone, though especially during the first days and weeks after birth. I am currently 13 months postpartum and still love using this balm!

-shelf life of 18 months

Foot Balm | Grounding Frankincense and Lavender Infused Balm

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