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You are scared of struggling with postpartum depression and losing yourself within the mix of all of the changes that come with motherhood…

You have a birth plan, but have no idea where to start when you try to plan for your after-birth recovery...

You desire to be able to feel good, rather than drained, so you can enjoy looking into your baby's beautiful eyes, watching them grow and bloom as each day goes by... 

Well, I am here to tell you that your concerns are REAL and valid,

and there is a lot that you can do now to make it easier on yourself later when your precious baby is born!

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Honoring Postpartum

your digital guidebook to healing

after birth

One of the BEST things that you can do right now for yourself and your baby is PLAN for your postpartum recovery - your own healing after birth.


It’s overwhelming, I know. 


That’s why I created Honoring Postpartum.


45 pages of guidance, tons of holistic tips and detailed checklists to make your planning AND your recovery beautifully effective.

Learn how to care for your postpartum body with this guidebook!

Vaginal healing with herbal steaming, oil massage, breast health, herbs and supplements, nutrition, bonding with baby tips and more!

I created this guidebook so you can feel rejuvenated and well in your mothering journey.

This book comes from a special place in my heart, after struggling with postpartum burnout for over 2 years following the birth of my first child.


My own journey lead me to learning how to prepare better for the second time around and I can gratefully say that my planning paid off!


I am currently 4 months postpartum with my second baby and after 6 weeks I felt wonderful, centered and strong!


I want this for you too. 


"I'm currently pregnant with my firstborn and reading Sabrina's postpartum guide brought me a lot of clarity in terms of what I'll need after giving birth. Her intentions woven throughout the guidebook are affirming and grounding. I feel more confident in creating a postpartum plan now that I've read this book! I especially love the checklists and templates throughout. Thank you, kind soul!" -M.A, First Time Mother

"Sabrina’s postpartum guide book is a precious gem to new mothers! This comprehensive guild will prepare you in having a beautiful and restful postpartum journey. From herbs, oils, check lists and more, Sabrina has really thought of everything! I pray this book becomes the ultimate resource for new and experienced mother’s. Thank you Sabrina for providing the world with this meaningful and beneficial gift!"

-N.M, Doula and Midwife Assistant

"It’s sooooo so good. I wish I had this with my first kid. Even with my second, I know most of this but sometimes things can get scattered in your brain so this puts it all in one place. I also am making my husband read this so he also can refer to a certain section when he forgets something. I would even recommend this for people taking care of pp women, doulas, and partners"

-K, Mother of Two and Future Birthworker

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