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New World Ayurveda Ayurvedic Practitioner, 2017

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Vaginal Steam Facilitator, 2018

  • Menstrual Cycle Analysis

  • Herbs for Vaginal Steaming

  • Vaginal Steaming for Fertility

  • Vaginal Steaming for Postpartum healing

  • Vaginal Steaming for Labor Prep

  • Custom Herbal Steam Blends

AyurvedicMamas Postpartum Doula, 2019

Innate Traditions Postpartum Care, 2020

Handcrafted Herbal Oils with Kami McBride, 2021

My name is Sabrina - I am the owner of Ummul Herbals (previously Sabrina Elizabeth Womb Wellness) and am a mother of two children.

After the birth of my first child, I suffered for years to regain my sense of well-being. I felt drained, fatigued, anxious and achy.


Through that experience, I realized that there was a great need for postpartum recovery education. My own experience was very challenging but it inspired a spark of fuel within my heart to do what I can to help other mothers heal after birth.


The whole reason that Ummul Herbals exists is because of you. Because of your support, yes, but also because I had you in my heart when I created each product.


I wanted to create something that would honor you as you journey through life after birth.


I have put my love and energy into each and every handcrafted product and my prayer is that you feel loved as you use them! May it be so!