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Tell me, is this you?

You have heard about Vaginal Steaming and can't wait to get started, but you have SO many questions and no idea where to start...


You're feeling held back because you have the courage to try

V-Steaming, for your own wellness, but you need a step-by-step guide to learn how to do it properly...

You're stuck wondering:


-How can I steam without investing in a steam stool?


-What herbs should I use?


-How does Vaginal Steaming actually work?


-How often should I steam? Weekly? Monthly?


-How long should I steam for each time?


If this is totally you - no worries. 

 Three years ago I was dying to learn how to do Vaginal Steaming for myself and I too was full of questions!

That is why I created

The Art of Vaginal Steaming

a guidebook to help you begin your V-Steaming journey

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 3.58.08 PM.png

All of your Vaginal Steaming questions answered in one guidebook!

If you are interested in beginning your V-Steaming journey but need guidance on how to start - this guidebook is perfect for you! 

Here is what is included in your downloadable Vaginal Steaming Guidebook:

  • 4 step guide to beginning your V-Steaming journey

  • Clarity on what Vaginal Steaming is and how it works

  • Guidance on how to pick the best herbs for your body

  • Guidance on how long to steam for each time you steam

  • All of the specifics of how to set up your steam session with a stool

  • Instructions on how to set up a DIY steam session, without a stool

  • Guidance on how often to steam + a custom printable calendar to help you keep track of steaming consistently

  • Discount code to use on all of my handcrafted Vaginal Steaming supplies


And soooo much more!

Here is what women are saying about the guidebook!

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Pale Peach Podcast Review Quote Instagra