Your heart is longing for you to become pregnant so you can have a baby to call your own - a little one that looks you in the eyes with unconditional love 


You want to know how to prepare your body for pregnancy, so you can conceive with ease

You're tired of the medical system telling you that the only way to regulate your cycle, in order to become pregnant, is to take Hormonal Birth Control

You know that the quality of your lifestyle and the health of your body can greatly impact the health of your pregnancy and of your baby, but you simply do not know where to start or what changes you need to make

Preparing your body for pregnancy is pre


your body

for pregnancy

is a 90 minute online workshop created to help you learn how to support your mind, body, and soul so you can feel healthy and prepared to nurture a new little life through pregnancy!

with my help you will...


I will help you understand the 7 menstrual cycle imbalances that can make it difficult for you to conceive, and will teach you many beautiful practices that you can use to help support and regulate your menstrual cycle. 




We will cover the importance of your Hormonal health and your Endocrine and Lymphatic systems in relation to fertility. You will then learn how to support these systems using a luxurious Traditional Self Oil Massage.



I will teach you how and when to detox your body gently, as well as how to rejuvenate your body so you can feel strong, energized and joyful.


Your journey of preparing for pregnancy will be a journey of nourishing your body in many ways - one way being through nutrition. I will teach you about the foods, herbs and supplements that you will want to include into your diet to nourish your body.


Connecting to The One who blesses us with the miracle of pregnancy is essential. I will provide you with tangible practices to help you develop your spirituality and care for your emotional well-being.

greetings of love to you!

I am Sabrina...


I am a Mother, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Vaginal Steam Facilitator located in Wisconsin.

My journey of serving women started with my own fertility journey.

For years, I struggled with an irregular period which then impacted my ability to become pregnant. I desired so dearly to become a mother which inspired me to look into natural healing. From this inspiration came my passion to help women, like you, discover the many natural ways that you can support your body to prepare for pregnancy.

I am here to serve you, to love and support you through YOUR special journey of connecting to your body as you prepare to nurture life within your own body.

This workshop is what I wish I had when I was trying to prepare my body for pregnancy, and it is my hope that you benefit from it greatly!






online workshop

What are others saying?

“Sabrina has been a wealth of knowledge and support! As a women’s health educator myself, I have appreciated the additional insight she has offered to me. My cycles have been extremely heavy and short. With just one month of steaming according to her recommendations, my cycle came exactly on time and with less bleeding!” -BT


"As women's health is something I'm particularly interested in, I found the parts about period self-care and vaginal steaming to be extremely interesting and beneficial. I was able to try vaginal steaming myself and have seen a surprising improvement in the quality of my cycles and especially my period after only a couple of months." -AB


"When I contacted Sabrina, I had been struggling with shorter-than-normal cycles, as well as persistent vaginal itching, which I thought was BV. Sabrina was very helpful in suggesting which of her peri-steam blends would be most practical and then went above and beyond in adding some additional herbs to the blend that she thought would be useful. While I had never done vaginal steaming before, I found the daily process very relaxing and it became part of my regular self-care practice. It also significantly reduced the itchiness after each steaming session. After 3 months, my also cycle length increased to 28-29 days. Working with my doctor and a naturopath, as well as steaming daily, I was able to restore my bacterial flora to normal and achieve balance in my cycle." -ES