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Postpartum Healing
with Herbs

Sunday, March 20th at 12:00pm CST

Herbs have so much support to offer us in our healing journey after pregnancy and birth!

Please join me for this 60 minute online class to learn about the different ways that herbs can serve you in your postpartum recovery.

This class is wonderful for pregnant and newly postpartum mothers, as well as for people who are inspired to support the postpartum women in their lives.

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After birth,

a woman is incredibly sensitive. She has just witnessed life come out of her body and if there is anything that she needs, it is tender, loving support.

Herbs can take part in the support that you need to receive! 

In this class we will cover many traditional postpartum practices that include herbs.

You will learn 10 ways that herbs can be used to support your postpartum recovery, so you can walk through your motherhood journey feeling rejuvenated instead of drained and fatigued.

You will receive recipes as well as access to the recorded class for 90 days.

You will also be gifted a special discount code to use on all of my handcrafted postpartum herbal body care products.

Value: $125.00 plus years worth of priceless wisdom.
Your investment: $65.00


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